Thursday, July 10, 2014

"The national-socialist revolution in Kiev in February 2014 is an aggressive military coup involving the genocide of the Russian people."

Dr. Johan Bäckman's Statement for the Voice of Russia concerning the situation in Ukraine 

First of all, I have to say that all the statements by the Department of State of the US are contradictory. Regarding the statements concerning the situation in Syria, it is very clear that the Department of State and the US in general have been very willing to launch a military operation against Syria, against the Assad’s regime together with NATO. And they have been trying to find any propagandistic reasons for launching this military operation against Syria for a long time already.

And now, the recent so-called findings are only a continuation of all this. And these are not very reliable. They are speaking about torture of inmates or torture of detained individuals. Well, the US itself is torturing detained people, they have legalized torture. So, we should talk about that first.

Unfortunately, I would say that the new findings by the Department of State are just a new step, and not very successful, in their propaganda against Syria, and against the Assad's regime. And I have to say that it has no influence at all.

Regarding the statements of Jen Psaki and her deputy Marie Harf, I think that both women are some kind of weapons of psychological warfare, because they are very irritating personalities and they are delivering in fact only contradictory statements.

But regarding their statements about the situation in Ukraine - unfortunately, what is happening now is genocide against the people of east Ukraine. Just to remind you - at the end of February of this year there was a coup in Kiev pulled off by national-socialist organizations. And among these organizations are the so-called Right Sector - a very national-socialist, extremist organization - and also the Svoboda party.

These organizations have the real power in Ukraine today. And these organizations as well in several instances have threatened to mass murder Russians. They have threatened to mass murder Russians with nuclear weapons and this is already, in my opinion, a clear evidence of genocide. And now they are murdering Russians.

The Kiev junta, the illegal government of Kiev, national-socialist revolutionary government or regime of Kiev is mass murdering the civilians in eastern Ukraine with the purpose of annihilating all political support for the rebels of eastern Ukraine. By the rebels I mean the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Luganks People’s Republic, and the Novorossia United People’s Republic.

What the illegal regime of Kiev is doing, they are mass murdering the civilians, they are intimidating the civilians with mass violence, targeting the civilians in all the regions of eastern Ukraine. What is happening right now is a genocide of civilians in eastern Ukraine.

And also, they are targeting the Russian journalists. The Russian journalists have become a new target of the genocide. They want to interfere into the work of the Russian journalists by killing them and giving a message that it would be better not to deliver any information which is against the illegal revolutionary junta in Kiev.

Now, we have to say that it is a situation of a factual genocide. And the US, obviously, they have been backing up all kinds of revolutionary movements in Ukraine for more than a decade. Everybody knows that the US was backing up and financing the so-called Orange Revolution.

The Orange Revolution ten years ago was a different revolution than the national-socialist revolution of February 2014. The Orange Revolution in 2004 was a fake Western-minded revolution and it was unsuccessful. Now, the national-socialist revolution in Kiev in February 2014 is an aggressive military coup involving the genocide of the Russian people.

The Ukrainian fascists have been the most dangerous element that all the European extremists have been for a long time. If we compare the Ukrainian fascists with the German fascists in the 1930s, first of all, Hitler and his national-socialists in Germany, they did not have nuclear weapons. But the Ukrainian fascists could have the nuclear weapons, because they are now integrating into the West, into the EU, they are integrating into NATO, they said they are willing to integrate into this structure. And as well, they have threatened to mass murder Russians with nuclear weapons.

These threats have come from the representatives of the revolutionary Ukrainian government. We have to face the fact that the extremists in the Ukrainian revolutionary regime today are more dangerous than the Hitler's regime was in the 1930s. Why? Hitler didn't have nuclear weapons…

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