Thursday, August 17, 2017

Address of Finnish Presidential Candidate, the persecuted and jailed journalist Ilja Janitskin

English translation of the address of Finnish Presidential Candidate, the persecuted and jailed journalist Ilja Janitskin at a protest meeting in Vantaa, Finland, 16.8.2017 (the written address of the jailed journalist was read by his election chief Mrs. Tiina Keskimäki)

Respected citizens of the 100-year-old Finland!

We have gathered here for quite a sad reason: we are here because we’re very disappointed. We are extremely huffed with the fact that our legal system and police corps have fully betrayed the trust of our people. Those institutions of our state, holy task of which is to serve and protect us the citizens, have turned their back on us, and sold our country, submitted to Merkel-style multiculturalism agenda.

Those state institutions, whose task is to control the well-being of us the real Finns, in our own 100-year-old Finland, have for sure committed an adultery, discredited their oath, by putting the arbitrary of Brussels fascists alienated from reality and delusions of the anti-Fatherland and all-tolerant political establishment before the interest of us the Finns.

Money and resources are being grabbed from the depths of a magic wall for establishing a new Gestapo, a gang known as well as the hate speech unit of the police, to disturb and bully Finnish citizens, and to monitor them in the Internet. Thought crimes are being punished without criminal offense. Hatespeech has become a key word with which any citizen, who has critical stance toward common stupid-populistic multiculti-filth, can be suppressed.

And what is the situation with our Fatherland? I am an excellent example of that. I have revealed the lies of hatred-inciting fake media, such as the Finnish broadcasting company YLE, the Finnish TV-station MTV3, and the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat, criticized the Merkel-style multicultural agenda, and the lust for money of the fake populists and trash-politicians who are in political stranglehold. Only for this, I was first forced to exile, and then, after endless political skullduggery and top secret judicial tricks, I was jailed by Interpol.

But jail is not a strange place for us the revolutionary human rights activists. Actually many great names of political history have gone through rocky road and sat in a jail only because they have represented human rights oriented way of thought, which have challenged rotten values of the power elites. Martin Luther King, Breyten Breytenbach, Niccolo Machiavelli, Risto Ryti, P. E. Svinhufvud, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, not to forget Carl Gustav Mannerheim, who was forced to flee to Switzerland from the Soviet Control Commission. The list is as long as a year of hunger.

Double standards are gaining more and more popularity in Finland day after day. All-tolerant establishment and fake media do not want to take part in political debate by means of taking a measure of the opponent with political ideas. Instead of struggle of ideas, a dirty game is being played behind the scenes, by mobilizing the police forces which are all the time being politicised with the strangest unfounded accusations. The most alarming here is the fact that our police seemingly consists of intellectually the least talented imbeciles, that they easily participate in this game.

The latest invention of the tolerant-fascists is to produce child welfare reports against patriotic parents. According to the logic of the all-tolerant establishment, a child should not be raised to love his or her Fatherland, and the child should be kept far away from a nationalistic surroundings. But the same tolerant agitators think that it is suitable for the development of a child, when the child is sexualised by forcing the child to participate in sodomistic Pride-mess, to an event, which even many homosexuals who cope with themselves do detest.

Beloved friends, you are doing a valuable job by showing your indignation towards politicised betrayer police corps and our judicial system, which has buried their obligations towards the excellent Finnish people. For you, apostates hiding behind your insignia, I truly say, the truth obliges you to serve the Finnish people. So, fill out your duty before the Doomsday comes. You will answer for your actions.

Thank you!


Jailed journalist, presidential candidate for Finnish presidential elections 2018