Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The political persecution against Finnish journalist Ilja Janitskin

We ask the international audiences to give attention to the political persecution of the Finnish journalist and political activist, journalist Ilja Janitskin, the editor-in-chief of the most popular independent Finnish news site "MV-lehti", who since 2014 has been the main target in the massive witch hunt by the Finnish establishment. We ask all good people in all countries to found FREE JOURNALIST ILJA JANITSKIN committees and deliver these messages in all media in all languages. 

Stages of the political persecution against journalist Ilja Janitskin: 

1) In August 2014, the Finnish-language "MV-lehti" is launched in Barcelona, Spain, by Ilja Janitskin, a Finnish citizen. Soon, "MV-lehti" becomes one of the most popular media in Finland. "MV-lehti" is against Finnish membership in the EU and NATO and critizises European migration policies.

2) Finnish mainstream media launches a witch hunt against all corporations advertising in "MV-lehti". Soon Janitskin loses all his income from advertising.

3) All Finnish main political parties announce through their youth organisations a demand to close down "MV-lehti" and send a common demand to the Finnish prosecutor general. "MV-lehti" had become a serious threat to the Finnish political system and pro-NATO mainstream media and politics.
4) Main Finnish media corporations, such as pro-NATO "Sanoma", file legal suits against Janitskin for alleged copyright violations, because "MV-lehti" sometimes quotes Finnish mainstream media.

5) The Finnish police asks citizens to make crime reports against "MV-lehti" for defamation etc. As a result, the police was able to launch about 50 (fifty) crime investigations against Janitskin. These include also gambling crimes, because casino gadgets are published on "MV-lehti". Janitskin is also a suspect of incitement of ethnic hatred, because of anonymous commentaries on the discussion forum of "MV-lehti". Any proposal to collect funds by Janitskin is qualified as illegal money gathering by the Finnish police.

6) Several individuals in connection with Janitskin are arrested, shortly jailed and/or interrogated by the Finnish police, if they are suspected of publishing any materials on MV-lehti.

7) Under huge pressure, the Helsinki court ordered an imprisonment of Janitskin on the basis of a request by the police. The case is declared secret. The purpose of the imprisonment is to interrogate him, while he still is not convicted nor prosecuted. The Finnish press continues to vilify him.

8) Finnish law enforcement prepared prison and mental treatment for Janitskin.

9) In October 2016, Janitskin was arrested in Barcelona and drugged on the instructions of the Finnish police and transferred to court in Madrid, which set him free after a short trial. The Finnish press and establishment were shocked of his release and extremely dissatisfied.

10) The Finnish police files a suit to the Helsinki court to close down "MV-lehti" domains. The file is dismissed due to freedom of speech. "MV-lehti" is regularly a target of cyber attacks and time to time closed, but continues to operate.

11) Janitskin is gathering money for his legal expenses, which is again qualified as illegal collection of funds by the Finnish police. The imprisonment is repeated at the Helsinki court on this basis and the case is handled in secrecy.

12) The Finnish chancellor of justice resigns and a new one is not nominated. The chancellor of justice supervises the lawfulness of the Finnish officials. While new chancellor is not nominated, nobody is able to investigate the lawfulness of actions against Janitskin.

13) Janitskin is diagnosed with malignant cancer and operated in Andorra several times. Human rights activists suspect that young and very healthy Janitskin might have been contaminated.

14) In July 2017, Janitskin is arrested in Andorra by Interpol on the request of Finnish authorities in order to extradite him to Finland. On the moment of the arrest, Janitskin is just recovering from a surgery and preparing for the next one. He is immediately jailed and isolated.

15) Janitskin's Finnish lawyer Heikki Lampela gives a statement that Janitskin's life is in danger and that there is no need to extradite him to Finland just for interrogation, but that he can be interrogated on local police station or via video link. Soon after his statement, the Finnish mainstream media announces that Mr. Lampela is about to be excluded from the Finnish Bar Association and the Finnish Supreme Court makes a swift decision in a crime case against Mr. Lampela.

16) In August 2017, Mr. Janitskin falls into coma in Andorra hospital.

"MV-lehti" is still open in the internet.

Finnish legal experts have said Finnish authorities in principle do not have jurisdiction on "MV-lehti", which was originally and always being published outside Finland in Spain. Experts also noticed that suspected crimes of Janitskin would result only in fines or a minor conditional verdict, so there would be now reason for such harsh measures against Janitskin.

Additional information from human rights activist Johan Bäckman, email or cellphone +7966 016 58 32