Sunday, September 10, 2017

NATO got license to kill in Finland

The newly established "hybrid know-how center" in Finland, titled "European Center of Excellence for Counteracting Hybrid Threats" ( has turned out to be a NATO espionage and military operations center, employees of which have immunity of prosecution in Finland and thus can commit any crimes without consequence.  The Finnish media has reported about the "hybrid know-how center" very vaguely. However, the Finnish law on this center, passed in July 2017 by Finnish parliament, gives very clear picture of the NATO espionage center. The law stipulates that the NATO espionage center can operate fully outside Finnish jurisdiction, employees have immunity of prosecution, they do not have to pay taxes, they can commit any crimes without consequence and Finnish authorities have no right of supervision of employees, premises, communications or "archives" of NATO espionage center. The center can collect any intelligence information for their "archives" and transfer that data to foreign countries. Recently, a NATO intelligence director and a U.S. general visited the NATO espionage center in Helsinki. In a country where 70-80 percent of the population does not support membership in NATO, solely the establishment of such a NATO espionage center is a provocation and a military threat. The "hybrid know-how center" can thus do anything, they have even license to kill, without any consequences. It is rather clear, that the most severe hybrid threat against Finland is the NATO espionage center itself. It is an aggressive NATO military intelligence center on Finnish soil and it threatens concretely security and rights of every Finn. The NATO intelligence center can be used, for example, to forger Finnish elections, to support a coup, or NATO occupation. All this can be read from the law about the center.