Monday, September 25, 2017

Censorship in European Union - the case of East StratCom, and other hybrid threats

Helsinki HybridCoE, the independent hybrid threats research center, located in Helsinki, organised a Nordic expert conference at the Finnish National Hall in Helsinki city center on Monday 25th September.

Panelists included the famous Swedish peace activist, chairwoman of the Swedish Peace Council Mrs. Agneta Norberg, Norwegian historian Dr. Bjorn Nistad, Danish investigative journalist Mr. Jesper Larsen, Donetsk People's Republic Helsinki representative officer Mr. Jarmo Ekman, among others. The event proved to be extremely interesting and gained wide international attention immediately it was announced - journalists around the globe contacted the organisers. Donetsk People's Republic Helsinki representative press studio organised interviews for the participants during the conference.

Mrs. Norberg showed her vast experience about international geopolitical issues and explained, how US military bases around the world suppress sovereign states. Mr. Larsen from Denmark explained in detail how the EU has established a new censorship office called "East StratCom Task Force" that controls mainstream media narratives by means of censorship and a specific "doublespeak" terminology and repressive methods.
Dr. Nistad from Norway showed how Western democracy does not exist, while true democracy exists in Russia, and how journalist profession has diminished in the West, being replaced by censored propagandists. Russian democracy poses real political threat to EU and NATO, which are not democratic but totalitarian in nature.
Mr. Ekman gave a detailed historical analysis about Western "false flag" propaganda actions for casus belli since the 1st world war until Iraq invasion and MH17.
The participants agreed that EU is a totalitarian system, controlled by "East StratCom Task Force"-style censorship offices and think-tanks and that the worst enemy of the European people are the mainstream mass media and their censored propagandists, who destroyed the honest journalist profession, and whose only task is to keep the collapsing EU and NATO corrupt structures together. 
The participants decided to develop Nordic co-operation by means of organising new events, by means of increasing objective knowledge of the situation especially in Donbass, in co-operation with the Donetsk People's Republic Helsinki representative office, and by publishing a detailed research about the activities of the EU censorship office "EU StratCom Task Force". 

Videos of the conference to be published her asap.