Saturday, July 31, 2010

United States promotes anti-Russian aggression near Estonian-Russian border

The "Sinimäe" (Blue Hills) summer festival in Estonia, very close to Russian border, is a notorious example of neo-Nazism in Europe. Hundreds of pro-Nazi activists from all over the world gather to glorify Nazism, threaten Russia, and deliver various kinds of Nazi materials, such as literature denying the Holocaust, posters, clothes, flags, signs, music and art.

Anybody who has visited the site, can confirm this: it is a neo-Nazi event.

Blue Hills was a place where the international Nazi troop “Waffen-SS” fought against the Soviet army in summer-autumn 1944. However some pro-Nazi pseudohistorians now claim that Waffen-SS was fighting for Baltic freedom, although Baltic states did not exist at that time (they were occupied by Nazi Germany), and all Waffen-SS soldiers swore their oath to Adolf Hitler, therefore, fighting for him.

In summer 1944 Estonia belonged to Nazi-Germany as "Generalbezirk Estland" and was covered with concentration camps, where Jews and other innocent Soviet citizens were murdered until the last day of Nazi occupation of Estonia in September 1944. Therefore, the Waffen-SS troops were not protecting "Estonian independence" but a genocide, the Holocaust, that continued in Estonia and other parts of Eastern Europe during the Blue Hills battle in summer 1944.

The Blue Hills Nazi festival is therefore a notorious example of Holocaust denial and distortion, very typical for the Baltic states, Ukraine, Poland, Finland and other countries, strongly engaged with falsification of history of the second world war.

The notorious "museum of occupations" in Estonia’s capital Tallinn is propagating the same ideology of Holocaust distortion as the Blue Hills festival. The fact that U.S. ambassador to Estonia Mr. Michael C. Polt visited "museum of occupations" in Tallinn only a couple of days before notorious neo-Nazi festival of Blue Hills, accompanied by a famous pro-Nazi pseudohistorian, is an alarming sign of the fact, that even the U.S. are now promoting distortion and denial of the Holocaust in Eastern Europe.

U.S. ambassador's visit to the museum, in my opinion, being also a clear promotion of the Blue HIlls festival, was a hostile act towards Russia and the Russian people. This means that the U.S. is not afraid of openly threaten Russia and its citizens only a couple of miles away from Russian border. The fact should be handled either as a very serious misconduct by Mr. Polt, or as a considerable change in U.S. foreign policy towards Russia.

If somebody says that Nazi troops, which swore their oath to Hitler, did the right thing, it means, that attacking Soviet Union and carrying out the Holocaust was also a right thing in their opinion. This means that these people are any moment ready to repeat these crimes.

Today, 31 July 2010, the Blue Hills Nazi festival is carried out with the financing and protection of the Estonian government. United States should condemn all attempts to falsify, distort or denial the history of Holocaust, and make that clear to the world.


Adjunct Professor in Sociology of Law, University of Helsinki